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Eliminate Anxiety, Build Courage, and Reprogram Your Mind to Thrive in Uncertainty

Eliminate anxiety and build courage with Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of Fear is Fuel, Patrick Sweeney and 3 time main-stage TED speaker Beau Lotto as they share the latest research and hypothesis on how to reprogram your brain to adapt optimally to an environment of uncertainty. It doesn’t matter what your role is from CEO to school teacher

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The Joy of Fear

All your dreams are on the other side of fear; now neuroscience shows why delight can be too. The presentation went great! The guy at the gym said yes! The plane landed safely. Think of anytime you were afraid of a bad outcome and yet things worked out well. What a great feeling! It’s that kind of happiness and joy

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Can a Spartan Race make you smarter and more courageous?

Worried about Alzheimer’s or mental decline? Try this neuroscience hack. “Victor seven tango three one seven…no wait…three one nine…no one seven, one seven! It’s one seven for sure.” Spurted the tired athlete to the official. “Wrong! Thirty burpees.” demanded the Spartan judge who was checking each racer’s memorized codes. In the obstacle course world racers spend countless hours monthly training

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The surprising role of dreams on courage and confidence

Are you standing naked in the middle of your company’s office covering your private parts with cupped hands? Maybe you’re looking in the mirror and your teeth start to fall out. Or the classic of falling through space and then… You wake up. Bad dreams aren’t fun, but new research suggests they have an important role in helping you deal

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The 5 Habits of Courageous Leaders

Do you know how the minds of the greatest leaders work? There’s a revolution taking place in the world of neuroscience and that’s a good thing for you and a good thing for the world! Over the past five years researchers have collected more data and insight into the working of the human mind than ever before. Knowing how and

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