Eliminate anxiety and build courage with Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of Fear is Fuel, Patrick Sweeney and 3 time main-stage TED speaker Beau Lotto as they share the latest research and hypothesis on how to reprogram your brain to adapt optimally to an environment of uncertainty. It doesn’t matter what your role is from CEO to school teacher – leadership and courage in uncertain and volatile times will determine your success, health and happiness. Learn how to use the science of the brain to program yourself for courage, love and curiosity.

Patrick Sweeney can be found:                Beau Lotto can be found:
www.PJSweeney.com                                www.LabofMisfits.com
www.FearIsFuel.com                                 Insta: @labofmisfits
Insta: @TheFearGuru.                              Twitter: @rbeaulotto
Twitter: @PJSweeney
Facebook: PatrickSweeneyFearGuru

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